As new members of the world-leading Where network, last year we launched an exclusive Chinese shopping guide
devoted to one of Europe’s iconic luxury shopping destinations - Milano. We truly value the professional co-operation
we have with Absolute, allowing us to work in two different parts of the globe, fully utilising 24-hour days
during tight editorial closing periods. We also had the occasion to meet David and Maggie during
their visit to Milano who were very amiable and kind.
Morris Visitor Publications (MVP) is a leading international publisher of travel magazines, guides, maps and comprehensive
digital content for business and leisure travellers in the United States, Europe and Asia. During the last 6 years,
Morris Visitor Publications in Europe has created a unique portfolio of multi-language publications aimed at specific
demographic groups visiting great European destinations for both leisure and business purposes.

In 2011, we decided to launch a series of Chinese-language magazines - with pre and post-arrival distribution - covering key European cities. Under MVP's flagship Where® brand and with the expert advice and creative talent of David Yip and the
Absolute Creative team, we now provide Chinese visitors to Paris, London and Milan with an essential, timely and comprehensive
content package in various formats focusing on 'the luxury visitor experience'.

MVP has been fortunate to partner on the project with Absolute Creative in Hong Kong. David’s team are true professionals
and Absolute Creative has been instrumental in helping Where® ChineseEditions in Europe go from strength to strength
in the past 24 months. It's great to work with the best. We know where the future lies!
I was introduced to Absolute Creative by our London Where® editorial team when I had asked them who
they worked with on their excellent Chinese editions of Where London and Where Paris magazines.
I immediately got in touch with David Yip to discuss our Asian language Where USA guides,
Where Hawaii travel publications and China Union Pay’s guide to the US. The collaboration that
ensued has been both of the highest quality and highly enjoyable.
Absolute Creative has helped us in the tricky area of dialect selection and
they’ve been consistently excellent with ongoing translation services.
We credit their top notch work (and fast turnaround) in part to the early success of our Asian language guides.
Maggie, David and the team at Absolute Creative interpreted our loose concepts and ideas
into an imaginative logo that conveys all the elements we wanted to get across.
Always timely and effective in their communication, the Absolute team made the experience
of creating our brand fun and gave us an identity we are proud of.
We knew ABSOLUTE since 1996! 16 years of UNIQUE STYLEs, UNIQUE MINDs, UNIQUE SERVICEs...
We started a new company recently and for what we do the logo is very important.
The Team at Absolute designed a logo for us that we are very pleased with.
They are very professional, pro-active and easy to work with.
We have also used their services to create other designs which we are extremely pleased with.
We highly recommend their services!
Absolute Creative has been an invaluable resource as we've expanded our product line
to include Chinese-language magazines. Their excellence, dedication and swift turnaround times
have been crucial in helping us achieve our goal of creating superior products on tight deadlines.
We look forward to continuing this collaboration as we increase our editorial presence in China and Hong Kong.
Working with the Absolute Creative team was a complete delight. I found the design process very smooth,
and the team was exceptionally responsive to all my needs including last minute changes,
which is very much appreciated when on deadline. They take initiative with designing pages and
always maintain a high standard of professionalism. I have worked with Absolute over the past two years
on projects for MVP Paris and am always very happy with the teamwork and the end result.








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